November 9, 2011

Cheesecake Tartlets

They are the perfect bite size dessert, they are easy to make and you can serve them in a party. The recipe makes a lot… really a LOT but you can save half of the dough and use it for something else or freeze it and use it later. I will post another recipe where I used the other half of the dough.

- 275 gr. flour
- 150 gr. unsalted butter
- 1 egg
- 50 ml water
- 50 gr brown sugar
- 1 tablespoon of vanilla
- 1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon

1.Put flour and butter in a food processor until it looks like sand, mix with the rest of the ingredients, cover with film paper and leave it in the fridge for 30 minutes.

- 1/2 c. raspberry mermalade
- 300 gr. cream cheese
- 1 tablespoon of vanilla 

1. Roll the dough and put it in small tart molds. With a fork make some holes in the dough and bake them for 20 minutes at 340°F. Let them cool and make the filling.

2. Mix the softened cream cheese and vanilla, put the mixture in a pastry bag, then take a tartlet, add a little bit of raspberry marmalade and cover with cream cheese. Decorate them with a mint leaf and a raspberry.


  1. So so pretty! What an amazing party idea... and it's good that the recipe yields loads, cause no one could eat just one!

    So happy to have stumbled across your blog!

    - Catherine @ The Spring

  2. These looks so delightful! Fresh raspberries!.. I haven't had fresh raspberries in FOREVER!!! How I miss them. :(
    They look amazing! :)

  3. I love cheesecake and these little mini ones are so cute!

  4. mini desserts are just the best! so adorable and eatable :)

  5. Mini desserts are always extra fabulous. These are so cute!

  6. These are adorable! I love mini desserts!


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