December 25, 2011

Christmas delights

Everytime I wake up on a Christsmas morning, all I want to do is to eat delicious things so today was just perfect because yesterday I spent the whole day baking some cookies I won't lie when I say that I made almost 150 cookies I went crazy and almost ran late to the party, luckily everything was done in time. Here are some things that I made yesterday, I will post them soon with their respective recipes :) enjoy!

Ham and Cheese Puffs

Puff Pastry with sesame seeds 

Cream Cheese filled artisan bread

Pumpkin Pie

Snowflake cookies

Ricotta and Cranberry sandwich cookies

Chocolate and PB cookies

Merry Christmas!! :)


  1. All of these look so good!!!

  2. OOoh everything here looks like a super hit. I wish I was hovering over this table.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year.

  3. Wow, all of those goodies in one day? I'm certainly impressed. I'm especially curious about that cream-cheese-filled bread.

    Hope you're enjoying the holidays.

  4. Christmas is all about the cooking and baking, and you definitely did good with these awesome cookies!

  5. Mmmmm everything looks amazing!

  6. What a sweet feast! Hope it tasted as good as it looks. :)

    Have a very Happy New Year!


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