September 28, 2011

Cake Pops

I really love cake pops, they are lovely and they taste really good and besides you can decorate them in so many ways and use them for any ocassion like kid's parties or a friends reunion, they are perfect for bite size desserts and they are very easy to make.

The recipe for this ones are the same as in here, the only trick for them is that you need some thin straws like the ones in juices for kids. 

Take the straw and dip the tip in melted chocolate, carefully put it inside the little ball and wait for it to be hard, then you can cover it completely and decorate them anyway you like.

For this one I decided to use some pink candy and a chocolate pearl (it looks really pretty). For the other ones I used graham cracker crumbs, sprinkles, candy hearts and flowers.

[ they didn't last for long, my sister loved them ]


  1. Thanks for sharing! They look so good. And I love your decorating!

  2. I love cupcake pops! I've been wanting to try to make them for a while now.


  3. Todos ayudamos a comerlos, yummy!


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