November 3, 2011

Pan de Muerto

Here in Mexico it is typical to eat Pan de Muerto on November 2nd, it is a tradition to eat it and all the food that is preapred that day is to remember the people who has passed away. It is really delicious, the center of the bread is moist and the top is crunchy and covered in butter and sugar. You need to make it with anticipation because it takes time to let the dough rise.

- 250 gr. flour
- 5 gr. dry active yeast
- 75 gr. sugar
- 2 eggs
- 45 gr. unsalted butter, softned
- 50 ml. milk
- a pinch of salt
- 1 teaspoon of vanilla
- zest of an orange

1. Mix flour with sugar, orange zest and salt. In a small bowl put the yeast with a little bit of milk and leave it for 15 minutes. Add eggs and vanilla to the flour mixture and combine with the remaining milk, add butter. Start working the dough and add yeast. When the dough has a firm and soft consistency cover it and allow it to rise.

2. When it doubles its size punch it and start working it again. Allow it to rise for the second time and then make a small ball.

3. Combine 100 gr. flour, 100 gr. icing sugar, 50 gr. lard and 1 egg yolk to make a soft dough, divide it in two and add cocoa powder to one of them. Shape it like the picture below:

4. Bake it for 30 minutes at 330°F or until golden brown, melt some butter and immediatley brush the bread with it, then sprinkle sugar and it is done.

[ lots of sugar!! ]

Slice it and enjoy!


  1. This looks so good! I'm very curious to know how this all tastes with the orange zest!


  2. No durĂ³ nada, se acabo inmediatamente

  3. It seems it's so tasty. I like oranges in cookies.

  4. I do not know why, but it reminds me the chicken!
    But look delicious. ;)

  5. Your Pan de Muerto sounds delicious! I love the addition of cocoa powder to the center ball of dough. Beautiful :)


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