December 12, 2011

Cake Truffles

They are really beautiful, perfect bite size treats. They look so elegant but at the same time they are delicious and the best part is that it takes the minimum effort and time to make them. You can find the basics in here and when you have the small balls melt somw white and dark chocolate I used about 1/2 pound of chocolate.

Carefully dip the cake balls in the chocolate and let them cool in the fridge for about 30 minutes, you can use food coloring to make the pink chocolate or any other color you like

Put some chocolate in a pastry bag and decorate them, then put them back in the fridge

Yeah, good looking and delicious


  1. Super cute and very ellegant. Can I have one? Adorable. Thanks for sharing

  2. Good looking indeed!:) That would be so nice gift!:) Superb:)

  3. very elegant looking.I am going to make these.

  4. These are such adorable little treats!

  5. I have never seen such a perfect vision. They look amazing.

  6. These are so pretty! I would either have a really hard time eating them just because they're so friggin cute or I would eat all of them. At once.


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